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Santos Robert
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Be Sealed is a six-session Confirmation program for ages 14 - 17. Be Sealed offers a summary of key aspects of the sacrament of Confirmation. The focus, then, is primarily on the level of awareness and understanding, although life applications are not absent. The program has been designed for flexibility. It can be used as an introduction to a full 2-year program of Confirmation preparation, as a final "wrap up" in the weeks before the celebration of Confirmation, or as a focused sacramental text which builds on and contributes to the lived parish experience.

For many Catholics, Confirmation is a mystery sacrament. It is often confused with graduationto the point that some people don't expect to participate in religious education once they've been confirmed. Confirmation can seem to be a "re-commitment" ceremony, when a person baptized as a baby accepts Church membership for himself and herself. And the usual course of preparation for the sacrament, often including concrete acts of service, can give the impression that one must "earn" Confirmation.

One of the purposes of this booklet is to shed light on all those misconceptions about Confirmation. But the primary purpose is to present the basics of Confirmation so that one can prepare to receive the anointing seal of the Spirit in a life-changing way.

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