Surviving Depression 5V Set

Hermes Kathryn James
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With God's help, your can heal from depression.

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Depression can strike anyone-even those of us who are deeply committed to living the Christian life. In these dark times, we often feel abandoned, alone, isolated, misunderstood, and hopeless. Especially in today's chaotic world, there are new distressing realities that weigh upon us: war; violence; terrorist attacks, the loss of homes and jobs, and fears about the future, all of which make our sense of security so fragile. Even for Christians, such experiences can be accompanied by a great sense of anguish and despair .

As someone who has personally struggled with depression, Sr. Kathryn understands these feelings all too well. But as someone who has overcome the illness, she knows that surviving depression and attaining happiness is possible. She also affirms the great creativity and potentiality that can evolve during this difficult time.

For over a decade, Surviving Depression has helped thousands of readers find a reassuring approach to living through depression. And now that it's finally available in this audio format, it will reach an even wider audience and speak directly to their pain.

By drawing on the strength inherent in the Catholic tradition and discussing the biological, psychological, environmental, and genetic components of the illness, this companion offers a holistic understanding of depression for the depressed, their family members and friends, and those who counsel or care for them.

  • New audio version makes the words come alive
  • The first print English edition sold 25,000 copies
  • Translated into 12 languages
  • Ideal resource for pastoral counselors and care providers
  • Offers a toolbox of coping methods
  • Integrates a therapeutic and faith-based approach

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5 Audio CDs

Time: 5 hours, 33 minutes
Reader: Gillian Vance


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Kathryn J. Hermes FSP, a member of the Daughters of St. Paul since 1978, holds an M.T.S. from Weston Jesuit School of Theology and an advanced certificate in Scripture. Besides her work for Pauline Books & Media e-media development, Sr. Kathryn is a frequent contributor to Living Faith magazine and gives numerous presentations throughout the country. Her many books are available in print, audio, and ebook formats.

“Having recommended the earlier edition of Surviving Depression to colleagues and students alike, I wondered what could be added to improve it! Happily, Sr. Kathryn still speaks in the same voice, rich in compassion and wise in lived experience, to those who suffer with or support others with depression. Scripture still interweaves with sound psychological understanding. This tenth anniversary revision features a new sense of the even more complicated world in which her readers live and the even more distressing weights that rest upon them. The new second part provides a clear, lived-out eight step process inviting a contemplative stance acquired, as the author evidences, not by efforts to battle depression as an antagonist, but by coming out from under it.”
—Suzanne Mayer, IHM, Ph.D.; coordinator, Pastoral and Theological Studies, Neumann University

“This book sheds considerable light on the dark subject of depression with extraordinary insight and wisdom. When the author writes that ‘people who have suffered depression can learn much from each other's stories,’ I know it is true, because I have the illness, and I learned even more about it from this book which blends sound spiritual and psychological principles with masterful articulation. The depressed and those who care about them will benefit greatly from this book.”
—William Rabior, ACSW, author of more than twenty titles including Emerging from Depression: Revised Edition (Ligouri), hospital chaplain at Saint Mary’s, Michigan

“Depression is often a dark and lonely path, but in Surviving Depression, we are given a guide and a hand to hold that embraces the beauty and richness of our Catholic faith. In these pages, there is companionship and hope, and I am grateful to have it as part of my personal library.”
—Sarah Reinhard, author of Catholic Family Fun (Pauline Books & Media), blogger at

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