A Place to Belong

A stunning, inspiring anthology of twenty-five deeply personal letters from Catholic women.

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What does it mean to be a Catholic woman?

Twenty-five women from various backgrounds, interests, and states in life—including mothers, religious sisters, entrepreneurs, artists, activists, and authors—explore the many ways women live out their unique attentiveness to the human person in the family, in the Church, and in the world.

Features & Benefits

  • Edited by Corynne Staresinic, the founder and executive director of the nonprofit The Catholic Woman
  • Organized thematically into five qualities of femininity: receive, create, protect, lead, and nurture
  • Highlights women saints including Mary, Mother of the Church, Saint Joan of Arc, Saint Hildegard of Bingen, Saint Catherine of Siena, and Saint Teresa Benedicta of the Cross.
  • Keepsake quality with durable hardcover
  • Gold-stamped cover
  • 7" x 9" format

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  • The mission of The Catholic Woman to remind women that there is always a place for them at the table is one very close to my heart. In the vastness of the Church it can be easy to think we are alone. . . . that kind of sisterhood—one that empowers, and encourages, and supports—is one I am proud to be part of.

    Sarah W.
  • The letters of all these women gave me the hope and feeling of community I needed, they inspire me so much and make me realize I am not alone. . . . I see myself in most of them somehow.

    Laura L.

Corynne Staresinic


Editor, A Place to Belong

Corynne is the founder and executive director of the nonprofit The Catholic Woman.

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Contributing Writers

  • Meg Hunter-Kilmer
    Meg shares how, after discerning the call from the Holy Spirit to leave her job and live out of her car, she has come to be a better listener and more loving to others.
  • Leticia Adams
    Leticia shares how her son’s suicide has shaped her understanding of what it means to be truly loving and receptive to others.
  • Alexa Hyman
    Alexa shares her story of becoming pregnant as a single woman.
  • Emily Fossier
    Emily shares her journey with mental illness as a mother, how she’s come to accept it as a cross, and how it informs her ability to love her family.
  • Gracie Morbitzer
    As an artist, Gracie shares how she uses her paintings of modern icons to evangelize to those who don’t know the Church as she does.
  • Fabiola Garza
    Fabiola, an illustrator for Disney, shares her story of how she’s coming to bring beauty to every aspect of her life.
  • Kate Capato
    Inspired by the healing and comforting presence of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Kate shares how she came to create a painting of Eve and Our Lady.
  • Sarah Kroger
    As a musician and worship leader, Sarah shares how she came to find the courage and humility necessary in order to lead worship.
  • Erica Tighe Campbell
    Erica shares how a difficult time of isolation and a struggle with alcoholism eventually led her to become a calligrapher and share her story, vulnerably and courageously, with others through her artwork.
  • Justina Kopp
    Justina shares how her family heritage has had a profound influence how she has come to be a mother of quadruplets.
  • Andrea Polito
    As a consecrated woman, Andrea shares how she cared for a friend while he was dying.
  • Cara Fleury
    Cara shares how her and her husband honored the dignity of their unborn child when they became aware that they would likely lose him.
  • Katie Waldow
    Katie shares how her journey with infertility has led to caring for other women who have experienced it, too.
  • Abby Ellis
    Abby shares how she didn’t find true nourishment until she came back to the Church.
  • Sr. Damien Marie Savino
    Sr. Damien Marie shares the personal story behind her passion for the environment and how the state of the environment is inextricably connected to the state of civilization.
  • Natalie Alfaro Frazier
    Natalie shares how she has come to understand her role as a protector in motherhood, as a Catholic revert and a mother to a daughter with a rare genetic skin condition.
  • Sr. Nina Underwood
    Sr. Nina Underwood shares her vocational story on how she became a pilot and missionary in Africa.
  • Lauren Costabile
    Lauren shares how she came to start a nonprofit dedicated to providing children who have Down syndrome with heart surgeries.
  • Sr. Norma Pimentel
    Sr. Norma shares how she learned to stand up for the innocent, specifically Central Americans seeking asylum in the United States.
  • Elise Crawford-Gallagher
    Elise shares how a disappointing turn in her business led her to a renewal of her personal mission.
  • Lisa Brenninkmeyer
    Lisa gives an honest account of the difficulties that come with building community and encouragement for women to take initiative in forming friendships.
  • Sr. Helena Burns
    Sr. Helena shares an account of a simple conversation she had with a young person that had an unexpected impact.
  • Shanel Adams
    Shanel shares how a novena to Saint Thérèse helped her to discern the next step in her career.
  • Eve Tushnet
    Eve shares her experience of being a celibate, gay Catholic woman and finding purpose by submitting herself to the Church.
  • Julie Bao Yen
    As an Asian-American Catholic woman, Julie shares her story of being in a Catholic community that is predominantly white. Through her experiences, she describes how she’s come to see the importance of the universality and diversity of the Catholic Church.