A Year In The Word Catholic Bible Journal

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The Bible is an intimidating book, and while many Catholics want to read it, they aren’t sure where to begin. Many have started reading Genesis with the intention of reading the whole Bible, only to give up by Numbers.

Accessible, inspiring, and written from a layperson’s perspective, A Year in the Word Catholic Bible Journal is the guide you’ve been searching for to help you read the full Bible. Meg Hunter-Kilmer has read the entire Bible twenty times, and she has lots of tips, insights, and encouragement to help you make it from cover to cover, praying and journaling as you go.

With an attractive one-page-per-day format, you can challenge yourself to read through the whole Bible in a year or simply take it one day at a time until you’re finished. By the end, you’ll have a journal full of your writings to reflect on, in addition to the relatable reflections already included in the book, allowing you to immerse yourself more fully in the Word of God.

“Powerful! A Year in the Word encourages readers to not just ‘know about’ God, but also to know God, through daily encounters with the inspired, inerrant, and infallible voice of God in the Bible. Drawing on the wisdom of the saints, insights from commentaries and years of personal devotion, Meg Hunter-Kilmer invites us to cultivate a personal relationship with God through the Sacred Scriptures, daily reflections, and occasional prompt questions provided throughout the book. This journal will help many Catholics grow in their relationship with God! I warmly recommend it!” —Fr. Josh Johnson, Director of Vocations, Pastor, Author & Podcast Host of Ask Fr Josh

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