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How reassuring it is for a child to learn that God thought of them and loves them so much that at just the right time he placed them near their mother's loving heart. Every child longs to know that he or she is loved. Beginnings describes God's wonderful love and teaches children about the value of life at every stage. Gorgeous illustrations take little ones through all of the wondrous beginnings of God's creations - a seed becomes a pine tree, a yellow blossom becomes a tomato, an egg becomes a baby robin. Beginnings emphasizes the value of human life by reassuring children that God has cherished them all along, from the very beginning. Perfect to read to the baby in your womb or a young child.


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Lori Ann Watson studied elementary education in Texas. She taught first, second, and fifth grades and was named County Teacher of the Year before becoming a full-time mother. Lori still enjoys teaching, but now she does it through writing. She and her husband have three young children. Shennen Bersani attended the Art Institute of Boston and has been a freelance illustrator for years. She has also taught classes in drawing and photography, judged art exhibits, designed and painted theater backdrops, and presented workshops on illustration. Beginnings is her seventh children's picture book. She is the mother of four and lives outside Boston, Massachusetts.

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