Bl Kateri Tekakwitha Comic Coloring Book

Richards & Halpin
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Kids love comics and the lives of saints come to life in a new way when we can color in comic strips of their lives. In this Comicolor Saints book, simple coloring pages come to life with the story of Kateri's exciting life. Born in 1656 in the village of Ossernonen (now Auriesville, New York), she was named Ioragode, which means Sunshine. In time her mother who was Christian shared her faith with Ioragode. Her happiness ended when her mother, father, and brother were killed by smallpox. As Kateri grew, her love for God grew also, although she knew so little about him. Eventually she was baptized and when no one in the village understood her desire to serve God alone she escaped for the Christian village with two Indian braves. There she was able to live the life she desired. Children who color and read Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha will be attracted by the beauty, courage, and genuineness of this young Indian girl. This coloring book also features cut-out trading cards, activities, and games. Ideal for ages 6 - 8.

8.25 x 10.75

Sr. Virginia Richards was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1955, but was raised in California. She drew pictures and cartoons ceaselessly through childhood years and entered the Daughters of St. Paul in 1970. Her fields are cartoon animation, handmade greeting cards, children's illustrating, and children's studies. She works at the community's art studio in Boston, Massachusetts.

Sr. D. Thomas Halpin, FSP, a member of the Daughters of St. Paul for thirty-five years, currently resides and works in Boston as an author and illustrator for Pauline Books & Media. Over the years she has co-authored countless children's books, including many of Pauline Books & Media's perennially best-selling coloring and activity books. Among her most recently published works are Saint Paul: COMIColor Saints and Saint Francis of Assisi: COMIColor Saints.

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