Coached By Joan of Arc Lessons In Virtuous Leadership

Havard Alexandre
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Scepter Publishers

Coached by Joan of Arc book is a dialogue between the reader and Joan of Arc, the woman Mark Twain called “easily and by far the most extraordinary person the human race has ever produced.”

As we explore her virtue-infused life, this astonishingly modern woman takes us by the hand, coaches us, whispers wise advice and lessons in noble leadership in our ear. Far from being anachronistic, her way of life and virtuous example is eternally new, for she follows precepts that are above human weakness.

Joan is for all of us – men and women of today, living and working in the midst of the world. She is for us all a coach, a mother, and an excellent teacher of the elevated, virtuous, and courageous life.

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Alexandre Havard created the Virtuous Leadership system, which is now taught worldwide. His books Virtuous Leadership (2007), Created for Greatness (2011), From Temperament to Character (2018) and Free Hearts (2020) have been translated into some twenty languages. After graduating from Paris Descartes University with a degree in law, he served as a barrister in Strasbourg and Helsinki. He is the founder of the Virtuous Leadership Institute which has affiliates in numerous countries on five continents.
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