Go Bravely

Hussem Emily Wilson
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Ave Maria Press
As a young Christian woman, do you struggle with insecurities and feel bogged down by the pressures and expectations of society? Do you find it challenging to take care of yourself and be a faithful daughter of God? Emily Wilson Hussem used to feel the same way. In Go Bravely, the Catholic musician and speaker offers twenty bits of advice that will equip you to tackle your deepest concerns about relationships, self-esteem, and dating while strengthening your faith at the same time. "Sometimes even the smallest acts of living out faith require great bravery." -Emily Wilson Hussem
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Emily Wilson Hussem is an international speaker, author, and YouTuber who runs a global ministry for women. With more than 100,000 subscribers on YouTube, she reaches a worldwide audience of women with a message of faith and identity in Jesus. The author of the bestselling and award-winning Go Bravely and I Choose the Sky, she earned a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism from Arizona State University. Wilson Hussem lives in Southern California with her husband, Daniel, and their son, Zion.
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