He Speaks To You

Burns Helena
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Enter into a daily conversation with Jesus about life - your life!

Discerning your vocation can be difficult. But endowed with the spiritual guidance contained within this book, and with Jesus as your lifelong coach, you'll be on your way to self-discovery rooted in faith. This daily discernment book contains 365 succinct entries, with each month corresponding to a particular theme. Each day includes a question or thought to start up conversation between you and God, a Scripture passage, words of wisdom from religious women, an activity, writing prompt, and a short prayer.

He Speaks to You is the perfect daily reflection book for the young woman who:

  • Yearns to understand herself better
  • Questions if God can really love her?
  • Desires to follow Jesus in her daily life
  • Wonders what role she can serve in God’s Kingdom
  • Ponders the meaning of suffering in her life

    As seen on EWTN’s “Life on the Rock,” He Speaks to You can foster a deeper relationship with Jesus. Each month has its own theme and each day’s reflection begins with Jesus speaking directly to the young woman’s heart— words that console, even as they challenge—followed by a short Scripture passage, words of wisdom from those who’ve walked the journey toward Christ, a “To do” section for those who prefer some practical activity (the Marthas!), and a “To journal” section for those who prefer to contemplate and write (the Marys!).

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    5.00 x 7.20
    Helena Raphael Burns, FSP, studied philosophy and theology at St. John's University in New York, screenwriting at UCLA and Act One in Hollywood, and Media Literacy at Appalachian State University in North Carolina. She is the writer/producer of the documentary film James Alberione: Media Apostle. In addition to leading workshops on media literacy as well as Theology of the Body, Sister Helena dedicates her time to accompanying young women who are discerning their call in life.

    "The voice of Jesus jumps off the pages in He Speaks to You. Each topic is relevant to the questions so many women ask themselves today. Who am I? Can I truly be worthy of God's love? How can I discern where He is calling me in life? What role can I serve in His Kingdom? Deeply saturated in Scripture and truth, filled with words of wisdom of those who've walked the journey toward Christ, and including practical application, this book has the ability to transform any woman's prayer life."
    Amanda Nissen, FOCUS Missionary, Illinois

    As a 25 year old, I've struggled seeing my friends getting married or having children. I'm so glad my aunt recommended this book to me because I've been trying to find a book like this for such a long time and most are for mothers or wives. This specifically caters to young, catholic women looking for purpose in their lives and it's perfect for me. It's also gotten me into journaling, which I've never really thought of doing before.
    Shal, Amazon Review

    “I love how this book helps me get to know the Person of Jesus Christ, the love and mercy of God, every day for a whole year! In fact, when I started looking at January, I thought, ‘Wow, I want to start the January theme right now in the summer!’ There is just a taste each day, but each taste is so powerful!”
    —Mary Rose Bacani, new mother, Ontario, Canada

    “If you are a ‘do-er’, there are daily practices. If you are more contemplative, this book is chock-full of words of wisdom to think about. If you are a writer, this book gives you terrific starting points for your journal entries. The book can be used topically or sequentially.”
    — Chelsea Moxley-Davis, postulant with the Daughter of St. Paul, Missouri

    “I would recommend this book to youth ministers looking for a direct way to reach young women in their ministry, as well as to women already firm in their faith looking for a new way to pray daily.”
    — Julia Strukely, graduate student and high school teacher, Virginia

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