Invited - The Ultimate Catholic Wedding Planner

Stephanie Calis
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If you’re reading this, congratulations are in order! There are also plenty of things to get in order, as you have no doubt discovered. The challenge of planning a Catholic wedding in today’s secular world can be overwhelming—where to begin? Look no further than this contemporary guide for planning your Catholic wedding and for navigating your new life together far beyond the wedding day. Best of all, this handbook provides perspectives from both the bride and the groom.

Know that you are not alone as you travel through the simple and sublime decisions that go into planning this special day.

Journey with the author and her husband as they use concrete examples of love, faith and practical day-to-day choices while delving into topics such as budgeting, getting the most out of marriage prep, planning the Nuptial Mass, choosing the right dress, communication, learning to live together as a couple, sexual intimacy, and Natural Family Planning in light of the Church’s teachings.

Invited will bring couples closer using faith and fun to build a foundation of marriage modeled after Christ as the true bridegroom of the Church.

Features and Benefits

  • Makes a wonderful engagement gift
  • Second edition is revised and expanded, with excerpts from the current Order of Celebrating Matrimony
  • Bride and groom perspective
  • Discussion questions and tips for communicating well
  • Planning worksheets include budget, timelines, Mass programs, important contacts, reception guide
  • Helpful references to Church-approved Scripture, prayer, and music selections for the Nuptial Mass
5.25 x 8.00

Stephanie is the Co-Founder of Spoken Bride, an online ministry for Catholic brides and newlyweds. Inspired by the belief that God speaks an invitation through the language of beauty and authentic love, she has nearly a decade’s experience in marriage preparation and the wedding industry. Her ministry has been featured on EWTN and in Family Foundations Magazine,, Blessed Is She, and theYoungCatholicWoman. Stephanie lives in Maryland with her husband and children.

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