Jesus Companion In My Suffering Reflections For The Lenten Jour

Rupp Joyce
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Lent can be a time of bearing heavy burdens, of carrying the worries, pains, and sorrows that weigh on our hearts. Joyce Rupp reminds us that even though we may feel alone during these times of personal distress, we have the loving, empathetic, and ever-present companionship of Jesus by our side.

In Jesus, Companion in My Suffering, Rupp—bestselling author of several books on grief, loss, and suffering, including Praying Our Goodbyes and Jesus, Friend of My Soul—will guide you to see Jesus not only as someone who understands deeply what you have experienced but also as a teacher whose wisdom you can apply to your own life. By allowing Jesus to accompany you in times of trial, Rupp says, you’ll be encouraged to move toward more compassion for yourself and others.

For each of the forty days of Lent, Rupp offers a brief reflection on a story from the life of Jesus, applying his actions and teachings to our own experiences. She also includes a prayer and daily intention that invites us to spiritual growth and to reach fuller depths in our faith. Questions for personal reflection or group discussion are included.

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Joyce Rupp is well known for her work as a writer and spiritual midwife. She serves as a consultant for the Boundless Compassion program. Rupp is the author of numerous bestselling books, including Praying Our Goodbyes, Open the Door, Return to the Root, and Jesus, Friend of My Soul. Her 2018 book, Boundless Compassion, won awards from the Association of Catholic Publishers and the Catholic Media Association. Her books Fly While You Still Have Wings and Anchors for the Soul also have earned CMA awards. She is a member of the Servite (Servants of Mary) community.
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