Jesus - Mercy from God's Heart

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Throughout our lives we reach out for God's compassion and mercy for ourselves and for others. Our days are inundated with expectations, schedules, parameters, and red tape when we desperately need help. Into this world, your world and mine, comes Jesus, God's mercy Incarnate who simply invites us: "Come to me."

Let the reflections, stories, and prayers that speak of God's love in Scripture and throughout history speak to you. Learn more about:

  • God's Mercy
  • The Sacred Heart
  • First Friday Devotions
  • The key to healing in Confession
  • Eucharistic Adoration
  • How to find mercy and live a life of mercy

Includes the Chaplet to the Divine Mercy, the Twelve Promises of the Sacred Heart, Act of Consecration of the Family to the Sacred Heart, prayers for those who worry about salvation or who struggle to accept themselves, prayers for a spouse or child away from the Church, prayers for the strength to forgive oneself and others, and a litany for healing and release.

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I have been helping people walk the road of spiritual growth and inner healing for the past twenty years. A stroke at the age of 21 was God's masterful move in orienting me in this direction. As I dove deep into the ocean of sorrow and confusion in my own life, I found my joy at last in sharing with others what had been given to me with others.

My newest book is Reclaim Regret: How Life Heals Life's Disappointments. My best-selling title Surviving Depression: A Catholic Approach has been translated into 17 languages and is popular among those suffering with emotional vulnerability, as well as their families and friends. Through HeartWork, my online program for personal development and spiritual growth in holiness, I personally lead women and men through a journey rooted in the Catholic tradition to healing and joy. I am a spiritual guide and director of My Sisters, an online program on Facebook for Spiritual Accompaniment Along the Journey. I hold a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from Emmanuel College, Boston, Massachusetts and a Masters in Theological Studies from Weston Jesuit School of Theology as well as an Advanced Certificate in Scripture.

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