Miracles & Parables Of Jesus Find The Picture Puzzles

Ball Liz
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Some of the most important stories we'll tell our children are the stories found in the Gospel about Jesus: stories of hope, healing, trust, and the way Jesus will be with us always. Use this search and find book to spend time with your favorite children telling these stories. While you look for the hidden pictures you can talk with them about the story that is depicted in the illustration. Citations make it easy to find the story in any Bible. Miracles and Parables of Jesus doubles as a coloring book when the hidden pictures have been found. Includes information on how to locate Scripture passages. Covers miracles of Jesus as well as the most important messages Jesus gave us as found in the Gospel: building our house on rock, every person is our neighbor, the kingdom of God is like a mustard seed, God always looks for us, we shouldn't think of ourselves as the most important, and more.

Ages 9 - 11

8.25 x 10.75
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