Other Side Of Chaos Breaking Through When Life Is Breaking Down

Silf Margaret
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Breaking through when life is breaking down.

From satisfying work to sudden unemployment. From a happy marriage to a hurtful divorce. From caring for the kids to caring for an aging parent. These are just a few of the countless ways that life hurls us into the chaos of change, where our certainties are shaken and our faith may even begin to falter. But what if we saw the chaos-the "mess"-of our lives not as something to fear or eschew, but as something to embrace?

In The Other Side of Chaos, best-selling author Margaret Silf looks closely at the subject of chaos-and the intrinsic transition it brings-through the lens of Christian spirituality. Through Scripture stories and verses, personal accounts, and other anecdotes, Silf helps us develop an authentic "spirituality of transition" that leads us to live out life's changes constructively, creatively, and confidently.

Ultimately, The Other Side of Chaos gives us the courage to trust God when life is breaking down and to see our messes not as something to be rescued from, but as something that will help us break through to a place where God makes all things new.

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Margaret Silf travels widely in her work as a retreat director and speaker on Ignatian spirituality.

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