Prodigal You Love 5V Set Inviting Loved Ones Back To Church

Noble Theresa Aletheia
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How to invite your loved ones back to the Church

About this Audio Book:

Have your loved ones left the Church?

Now available in audio format, The Prodigal You Love will tell you how you can help a loved one who has fallen away come back to the Church. Listen to the words of Sister Theresa Aletheia Noble, who herself wandered far from her faith before returning through the grace of God.

Using the parable of the Prodigal Son as her model for exploring how to approach a loved one who's turned their back on the faith, Noble's insights and gentle encouragement will help you maintain the hope and trust that, through the mercy and love of God, your own prodigals will find their way home.

Winner of the excellence in publishing award and the first-time author award from the Association of Catholic Publishers, The Prodigal You Love was first published in 2014 and continues to be one of Pauline Books & Media's bestselling titles. We're excited to bring you this eagerly anticipated audio version, now available for those who prefer to listen to their books on CD.

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Contains five audio CDs
Playtime: 6 hours and 11 minutes, unabridged
Professional reading by Angel Clark
EAN: 9780819860170
ISBN: 0819860174

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Sr. Theresa Aletheia Noble, FSP is a former atheist who, thanks to the grace of God, has returned to the faith she was raised in and now tries to help others bring their loved ones back to God. After returning to the Church she discerned her vocation and joined the Daughters of Saint Paul. She now lives in Boston, where she prays, evangelizes, bakes bread, and blogs at "Pursued by Truth."
"It is not hyperbole to suggest that every adult practicing Catholic has at least one person in their life who is away from the Church and the sacraments That's a lot of people! How can we get them back? How can all of us be agents of change?"(Rr. Dave Dwyer, CSP)

"Sr. Theresa Noble really understands what works-and what doesn't-when it comes to reaching out to fallen-away loved ones. This book should be required reading for any modern Catholic." -Jennifer Fulwiler, author of Something Other Than God

"What could be more important than loving a soul to heaven? Sr. Noble is gifted at sharing her wisdom that helps bring loved ones home to Jesus and his Church!" -Tom Peterson, author/founder of Catholics Come Home

"An insightful guide to reaching the de-churched from an often-overlooked perspective. Sr. Theresa Noble has been there and back. A must-read for all those with loved ones they wish to call home." -Fr. Michael White and Tom Corcoran, authors of Rebuilt and Tools for Rebuilding

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