Shepherds to the Rescue V1 (Gospel Time Trekkers)

Dateno Maria Grace
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In this first volume of the Gospel Time Trekkers series, children ages 6 - 9 are taken on a journey that imaginatively retraces the birth of Jesus through the experiences of modern siblings Hannah, Caleb, and Noah. On this journey, young readers personally encounter Jesus, experiencing what it was like to live in his time and be present for important Scriptural events. Remaining true to Biblical culture and scholarship, this historical fiction book offers a creative presentation of Christian faith and values, making it the perfect addition to your home or school library!

The story opens with the three siblings bike-riding together in their neighborhood when suddenly they are running down a hill without a bike, dressed in weird clothing, and wondering where their cell phones are. They meet a shepherd boy named Benjamin holding a slingshot and sitting with a flock of sheep. Learning that his grandfather was one of the shepherds who heard the message of the angels at the birth of Jesus, they come to understand that they are a long way from home. In fact, they are near Bethlehem! They realize that there is nothing they can do but pal along with Benjamin, so they set off with him. But when they hear the howls of wild wolves growing closer, they know that Benjamin's flock of sheep is in great danger....

Read on to discover how shepherds come to the rescue and how Caleb rediscovers the parable of the Good Shepherd!

About this Series:

The Gospel Time Trekkers series follows the adventures of three siblings as they travel back to Gospel times to find Jesus and learn to discover him in their everyday lives.


5.50 x 8.25
Sister Maria Grace Dateno, a Daughter of St. Paul, is an acquisitions editor and author for Pauline Books & Media. She has an MA in theology from The Catholic University of America, and has served in several of the Pauline Books & Media Centers around the country. Sister Maria Grace has taught on the Eucharist to adults and kids, and she shares her love for the Mass with children both in The Mass Explained for Kids and through her fiction series, the Gospel Time Trekkers.
"A delightful series that immerses today's young people in the life and culture of Bible times and the Gospel story itself. Well-researched and engaging-with a conclusion that satisfies the reader's growing curiosity." -Anne Eileen Heffernan, FSP, author of Bible for Young Catholics

"I saw a recommendation for your series from a facebook post on alternatives for Catholics besides the Magic Tree House series. I purchased the first one and read it aloud to my boys (we have 4 children: ages 11, 8, 6, and 2). My six-year-old son usually doesn't care for read alouds, but he was hooked after the first chapter. We read that one in 2 nights. After they went to bed, I went and ordered the rest of the series.

We are currently reading the 5th book in the series and enjoy each one as much as the first. When the children get sent back without seeing Jesus in person, the boys both go 'ugh...' and we have had some good conversations about building a personal relationship with Jesus. Your books make the Gospels come alive with details for them and we really appreciate your work! Thank you! Please continue to write more for the children - you truly have a wonderful gift!

I just wanted to write to say thank you!" -Mother of four, Wisconsin

"Shepherds to the Rescue is a great tale of friendship and heroism, offering young Catholic readers an interactive experience of popular Bible stories. Each story invites the young heart to engage Christ and His gospel in a personal way; it's an introduction to lectio divina without your [young] reader even realizing it! The tales are great for both boys and girls - offering them face to face encounters with Scripture, framed in a way they will truly understand. For parents seeking a way to bring more Scripture and family discussion into their home - apart from Sunday Mass - this is a great tool and an engaging step forward"

-Mark Hart, Executive Vice President, Life Teen; best-selling Catholic author; host of "Fired Up" on The Catholic Channel, SiriusXM 129

"As I read the Gospel Time Trekker Series, I was more and more amazed by the way in which stories from Jesus' life in the Bible can come alive for our young people. Sister Maria Grace Dateno, FSP, the author of this six-part series, enables our young to experience encounters with Jesus, recorded in the Gospels, but now so powerfully engaging their attention. Yes, Jesus becomes much more real for them in His birth at Bethlehem, as He changes water into wine at Cana and feeds the hungering crowd, as He calms the violent storm threatening His disciples in their boat, as He raises from the dead the daughter of Jairus, as He restores sight to blind Bartimaeus and as He rises from the dead. Although the manner in which these encounters with Jesus are told with creativity and imagination, yet the reality of Jesus and His encounters with us remain real. The illustrations throughout this six-part series are likewise attractive and welcoming to young people. I heartily endorse this series: Gospel Time Trekkers to parents, to teachers, to any and all who desire to lead the young to Jesus, the Source of mercy, hope, love and life" -Most Reverend Bishop Paul S. Loverde of Arlington, VA< p>

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