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Engelman Stephanie
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An intriguing story for teen girls about trauma, loss, the power of the rosary, and finding faith again

On the anniversary of the plane crash that took the life of her beloved grandmother and threw her own mother into a deep depression, 16-year-old Katelyn Marie Roberts discovers a single bead from her grandmother's rosary-a rosary lost in the crash. A chance encounter with a stranger, who tells Katelyn that a similar bead saved her friend's life, launches Katelyn and her family on a quest to find the other missing beads. Their mysterious journey, filled with glimmers of hope, mystical encounters and unexplained graces takes them further into the unknown. Katelyn turns to the Rosary for answers and soon finds that family, prayer and the help of others may be the key to restoring what was lost.


"I keep walking toward the trees, and it's almost like I'm being drawn by some kind of invisible force. Stooping down to push the flowers aside, I discover a small, silver bead, and my heart flutters. I have to hold it, touch it-feel the ridges of the letters imprinted on three sides, and run my nail along the cross on the fourth.

"Everything I am zones into that tiny, little bead. . . . It's just a little fragment of a piece of jewelry, right? But it's not. It's a bead from Grandma's rosary. And not just any bead. My bead."

5.50 x 8.25

Stephanie Engelman is a wife and mother of five whose degree in psychology only partially prepared her for the insanity of a small house filled with a big family. She is a convert to Catholicism and feels led to share her love for Christ and his Church with others through the gifts and talents God has given her. However, she never imagined she'd write fiction until inspiration hit in the form of a social media message from a complete stranger. What started as a wry prayer turned into Stephanie's first novel. She hopes it will lead many to a deeper connection with God, their faith, and the Blessed Mother. You can follow Stephanie at:

"...a mysterious journey filled with glimmers of hope, mystical events and unexplained gracesabsorbing, deftly crafted and wonderfully entertaining  Very highly recommended for both high school and community library YA Fiction collections."
- Diane Donovan, Midwest Book Review Editor

"A truly good book brings you through a place of pain, shows you bits of beauty, and leaves you with a deep sense of hope. This book does that…this is the book that I wanted to read when I was a teenager."
- Michele, My Domestic Monastery blog

"I'm not Catholic… A Single Bead …[shows]…the power of prayer."
- Jenilee Hagen, book review blog

"proves that a story doesn't have to be edgy to be compelling."
- Barb Szyszkiewicz, OFS,

"surprisingly engaging…very thought provoking. Even though it was a work of fiction it definitely challenged my thinking on the power of praying the rosary."
- Ruth Anne Holloway, Holloway Family North blog

"young teens who struggle with believing in prayer and maybe even believing in God's ability to work in their lives will enjoy this book."
- A.J. Cattapan, author of Angelhood

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