Tackling Tough Topics W Faith & Fiction

Jenkins Diana
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Are you on the offense and your older kids/younger teens on the defense when it comes to talking about tough topics? Then kickoff with Tackling Tough Topics with Faith and Fiction!


About this Book:


Tackling Tough Topics with Faith and Fiction puts you and your 11 - 14 year olds on the same team. Doctrinally-sound, non-preachy, and engaging, this faith-based resource opens up the playing field to tackle tough topics together. Fictional stories about contemporary teens are used as a vehicle to show the value of faith in difficult times and sensitive situations. Each chapter - the content of which can be assessed based on students' levels of maturity and need - focuses on a real life challenge to the faith as experienced by a fictional character. The ten topics explored in this book are:


  • Pornography
  • Cyberbullying
  • Modesty
  • Family
  • Materialism/Consumerism
  • Dishonesty
  • Body Image
  • Substance Abuse
  • Stress to Overachieve
  • Depression

    Along with the fictional component, each chapter includes statistical facts helpful for approaching the topic, discussion questions, links to Scripture and the Catechism of the Catholic Church, an activity, a prayer, and a concluding message offering practical advice for how students can deal with the respective issue.


    After over twenty years as a special education teacher, Diana R. Jenkins became a freelance writer. She has written dozens of books, as well as hundreds of magazine stories, articles, and comic strips for kids and teens. She lives in Montgomery, Ohio with her husband, a medical physicist. Read her blog at djsthoughts-dj.blogspot.com, and find her on Facebook at www.facebook.com/dianarjenkins.

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