Twas The Day Before Christmas In Bethlehem Town

Leslie Bond Diggins
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Young shepherd Ben is annoyed by the crowds of people flocking to Bethlehem. Little does he know that his small act of kindness in a big crowd will prepare his heart for a life-changing event. What will Ben see on this day before Christmas? And who will he meet at the end of it?

This heartwarming, read-aloud Nativity story brings first-century Bethlehem to life through rhythm and rhyme inspired by the classic Christmas poem, “A Visit from St. Nicholas,” by Clement Clarke Moore. Ponder the miracle of Christmas through the eyes of young Ben, whose small act of compassion leads to an unforgettable encounter with the Son of God.  Dramatic illustrations by Erin Nielson recreate the original wonder of that first Christmas night for a story your family will cherish year after year.

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9.25 x 11.25

Leslie Bond Diggins is blessed to have spent most of her life happily surrounded by children. One of eight siblings and a mother of five, she has served in youth ministry and as a religious educator and had the privilege of working as a journalist for the National Right to Life Committee. Currently, she works as an elementary school literacy tutor and resides in Massachusetts with her husband and as many of their adult children as they can entice home for a visit.

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