Way of the Passion 40 Stations with Jesus

Julien Chilcott-Monk
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Spend some time with Christ this Lent using these forty meditations on the passion--one for each Lenten day (except Sundays) from Ash Wednesday through Holy Saturday.

The Way of the Passion: Forty Stations with Jesus takes the traditional fourteen Stations of the Cross and expands them using accounts from the Gospels. Starting with Christ's entry into Jerusalem, it closely follows Jesus' steps to Calvary. The Way of the Passion provides reflections for events during Holy Week that are not always considered, offering new insights into events such as Jesus predicting Peter's denials.

Providing a framework for reading between the lines that we find in the Gospel, The Way of the Passion takes a closer look at all of the events during Holy Week. "The Gospels give us only the essential details of the passion because a meticulous report of the proceedings is not the intention of the evangelists, who are concerned primarily with our Lord's teaching and in establishing, in the light of the resurrection, who he is and how he fulfills God's promise of a Savior." These forty stations take what we see in the Gospels and expand it, to help give the horror and trauma of Christ's passion a fresh immediacy, and to help understand more fully the impact of the event and what God did to secure our salvation.

The Way of the Passion offers new insights into those events, using a combination of Bible passages, meditations, poetry, and prayers from the tradition of the Church. Let this book help you explore Christ's death in a deeper and more personal way, bringing you closer to him.

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Julien Chilcott-Monk is an author and musician specializing in devotional books and sacred choral music. He studied at the Royal Marines School of Music and Theological College (UK). His published works include Walking the Way of the Cross, A Calendar of Catholic Devotion, and John Henry Newman and the Path to Sainthood.
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