Hope Always Our Anchor In Life's Storm

Frank Kris
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Of the three cardinal virtues of faith, hope, and charity, hope may be the hardest to define. A deceptively simple virtue, people often reduce hope to a mere optimism about the future, or they may see it as synonymous with trust in God. In Hope Always, Kris Frank, a popular Catholic speaker and youth minister, offers his down-to-earth and personal reflections on hope and how this crucial but often-misunderstood virtue can change our perspective on life’s difficulties.

Sharing stories from his own experience, along with Scripture passages and theological commentary solidly grounded in Church teaching, Frank teaches by example, demonstrating how the practice of hope can help any person, in any state of life, and in any situation. Each chapter tackles a different tough topic and shows how hope can transform a difficult situation. Whether someone is anxious, grieving, discouraged, or troubled in any way, hope in God reveals that there is a path forward, however challenging it might be.

Frank tells us “hope is neither nebulous nor ethereal. Hope has a name. Hope has a face.” By placing our trust in the person of Jesus, we can learn to anchor our lives in something, or Someone, greater than mere human confidence.

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Kris Frank graduated from Franciscan University with a degree in catechetics and theology with a concentration in youth ministry. With over ten years of parish youth ministry experience, Kris and his family now live as missionaries serving the poor and inner-city youth with Vagabond Missions. Kris has been privileged to travel frequently to share the Gospel with teens and young adults at various parishes, camps, and conferences. Kris spends his free time with his beautiful wife, Grace, and their five children. 

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