When Faith Feels Fragile Help For Wary Weak & Wandering

Hurd R Scott
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At some point in our lives, no matter who we are-laity, clergy, consecrated men/women-we question, doubt, or struggle with our faith commitment. Even individuals who have been canonized or beatified have had this experience. Maybe the faith you acquired during childhood no longer resonates with the challenges you face as an adult. Or, perhaps you have suffered a painful loss or illness that has shaken the foundations of your belief. Or, maybe you simply can't seem to find the time or drive to make faith a constant in your life. Especially in today's age where information overload and personal responsibilities divert our attentions, Church scandal prompts distrust, and Catholic social teaching stirs criticism, our faith is more fragile than ever before.

As someone who has personally struggled with his faith, best-selling author R. Scott Hurd knows all too well the questions, doubts, and challenges that can emerge within a faith commitment. And while he realizes that there's no overnight transformation from Homer Simpson to Mother Teresa, there is still hope for the wary, weak, and wandering. If you're a Catholic who values your faith, but you feel like sometimes you're hanging on to it by a thread, this book is for you.

Combining his ministry experiences with his conversational writing style and humorous nature, author Scott Hurd reassures, inspires, encourages, and challenges you to take practical steps to reawaken your faith. He acknowledges the chaotic, instantaneous, and competitive age we live in, along with disillusionment by recent Church and world scandals, tensions with the institutional Church, and disagreement with Catholic teaching, providing a grounded reality from which you can approach your faith.

He then offers ideas for how to integrate the faith into all aspects of your life-spiritually, practically, and leisurely. Whether it is going to confession to "shed some baggage," spending quality time with your family to express and experience love, or taking a hike to appreciate the wonder of creation, Hurd nourishes you with many ways to help you when faith feels fragile. Through his guidance, you can accept God's beautiful and priceless gift of faith.

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Scott Hurd is a Catholic author with over twenty years' experience in professional ministry. He presently serves as Senior Director for Leadership Formation with Catholic Charities USA.

"Forgiveness: A Catholic Approach," his first book, received an "Excellence in Publishing" award from the Association of Catholic Publishers.

His third book, "When Faith Feels Fragile: Hope for the Wary, Weak, and Wandering," received an award in 2014 from the Catholic Press Association, placing second in the "Popular Presentation of the Catholic Faith" category. Also, in April of that year it was designated a finalist in the Association of Catholic Publisher's "Excellence in Publishing" award competition in the "Inspirational" category.

He has earned degrees from Oxford University and the University of Richmond and currently lives in his hometown of Alexandria, Virginia, with his three children.

"At some point in our life, our faith is tested. It can feel like God is hidden and out of reach. We wonder if we can we count on God's presence. When Faith Feels Fragile teaches us how to recognize the many ways that God touches us in the course of our daily routine. Drawing on the practical wisdom of life's experience, Father Scott Hurd explores the deeper spiritual meaning by finding parallels in Scripture and Christian spirituality. We learn how to "open ourselves up to the gift of faith and hold it close to our hearts."
His Eminence Cardinal Donald Wuerl, Archbishop of Washington

"I love Father Hurd's style-good-humored and inviting, brimming with the wisdom of Sacred Scripture and the saints, and rich in practical advice. Don't just get this book for the 'wary, weak, and wandering' cradle Catholics in your life-get it for the new converts, to help them keep the flame of faith alive."
Dawn Eden, author of Thrill of the Chaste

"If there's one thing we all feel with frequency, it's our fragility. And if there's one gift we need to share more generously, it's our Faith. In forty accessible and easy to read chapters, Father Scott Hurd offers deep insight and practical tasks so that we can move forward in peace, healed by the gift of Faith. If life has you anxious, tired and confused, each chapter is a sermon for strength. Father Hurd relies on his wealth of personal and pastoral experience to provide a reader, possessing even but a spark of belief, with some welcome medicine for the soul."
Father Robert P. Reed, President, The Catholic TV Network

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