I Pray The Mass

Jablonski & Tebo
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Help children ages 6 to 8 follow along with the Mass

The Mass can be a confusing ritual for children if they aren't familiar with the customs of the Eucharistic celebration. This beautifully illustrated book helps children ages 6 to 8 follow the Mass with pictures, simple explanations, and prayers. Each part of the Mass is presented in easy-to-understand ways with complementary illustrations and short prayers perfect for kids new to learning about this Catholic sacrament.

Kids will understand one of the most important Catholic obligations in a friendly and hands-on way. Intended to be used during Mass, this book helps translate everything from the procession to the final blessing into a perspective kids will be able to grasp. The text is ideal for emerging and hesitant readers. Accompanied by bright illustrations, this book will delight children who need a helpful aid or want to be engaged in every aspect of their faith.

5.50 x 7.00
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