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Maria Grace Dateno
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Do you want to understand and more fully participate in the Mass?

Have you ever wondered why we do some of the things we do at Mass, but never wanted to delve into a lengthy book that might explain them? Then The Mass Explained is for you! It's short, easy to understand, and includes the Order of the Mass alongside the explanation, with the text being referred to right in front of you.

There are many short booklets that explain the Mass to children, but few aimed specifically at teenagers and adults. The Mass Explained is for anyone who is new to the faith or who never really learned about it, using direct, accessible language to explain not just the "how," but also the "why."

The Mass Explained includes the text of the Order of the Mass alongside a commentary about the background and history of the various elements within the liturgy. The easy-to-read text examines the structure and meaning of the various parts of the Mass, demonstrating how each section plays a part in the whole while also leading you to understand how to more fully participate in it.

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Sister Maria Grace Dateno, a Daughter of St. Paul, is an acquisitions editor and author for Pauline Books & Media. She has an MA in theology from The Catholic University of America, and has served in several of the Pauline Books & Media Centers around the country. Sister Maria Grace has taught on the Eucharist to adults and kids, and she shares her love for the Mass with children both in The Mass Explained for Kids and through her fiction series, the Gospel Time Trekkers

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