Midwife For Souls (Rev)

Kalina Kathy
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The first edition of this text was so beloved that it sold over 30,000 copies now it s your turn to discover why! Kathy Kalina, describes the physical as well as spiritual signs of the dying process in Midwife for Souls. She offers years of qualified experience and spiritual wisdom that will inform and comfort caregivers and loved ones. Caregivers, friends, and family members often feel unsure of what to say or do as they care for the terminally ill. This book provides insight, showing how the support of one s Catholic faith and the power of prayer can be a guide in ministering to a dying person. This book is essential reading for anyone who accompanies others to the edge of life and helps in their birthing to eternal life.

This classic work on the spirituality of caring for the dying is now expanded with moving stories and lessons gleaned from the author's experience as a hospice nurse. Caregivers, friends, and family members often feel unsure of what to say or do as they care for the terminally ill.  Midwife for Souls provides insight, showing how the support of one's Catholic faith and the power of prayer can guide one in ministering to a dying person. Written in a style that is poetic and beautiful, practical and credible, this book is essential reading for anyone who accompanies others to the edge of life, and helps in their birthing to eternal life.

A pastoral guide for hospice care workers and all who live with or accompany the terminally ill.  Kathy Kalina is a registered nurse and a woman of deep faith. She offers sound advice and wisdom that she has gathered from her own personal experience. Although a committed Catholic, her profound understanding of what the dying undergo during their final pilgrimage here on earth makes the book of value to everyone, regardless of religious preference.

Special appendices include prayers and comforting scriptural passages for the dying and their loved ones.

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Kathy Kalina completed her ADN at Tarrant County Junior College, Fort Worth, TX, in 1978, and her BSN at the University of Texas at Arlington in 1987. Kathy is a certified hospice and palliative nurse (CHPN) in Fort Worth, Texas.

Kathy Kalina started her hospice career in 1989. Her first book,"Midwife for Souls," was published in 1993 and has been continuously in print ever since. She currently works as a hospice on-call nurse, and shares stories from her work and life at lendingstrengthbearingwitness.com

A friend bought this and sent this to us as we began the Hospice journey with our mother. I loved it so much I bought copies for other family members. I wish all hospice nurses were like this author, but unfortunately they aren't. However, having this book helps fill in the gaps that certainly can be overlooked in this journey. This book allows the family to know what to expect and how to prepare themselves and the loved one physically, spiritually and emotionally. The priest who came to visit our mother bought one from Amazon before he left the house he loved it so much. It is beautiful, helpful, supportive, I highly recommend this for loved ones, caregivers and a must for anyone working in the hospice field.
Julie B, Amazon Review

Wife's review: this book came highly suggested when my family and I found out my mom was dying. This author/book is amazing and I recommend it to anyone with a loved one who is dying, especially ones going into hospice. The author talks about what happens physically and probably spiritually when a person is trying to pass on and how it's our job to help "pray them over." It was so helpful to my family I understand what my mom was probably going through and helped us comfort her in her last days/minutes. So beautiful, really helped me personally understand the beautiful process of dying and detachment of the world.
Steve & Jen B, Amazon Review

Midwife for Souls touched my three brothers and I deeply during the final days of our father's life. We were introduced to this book by a Hospice Chaplain who gave us permission to ask any questions that we wanted to about what to expect in the days ahead from moving dad from hospital to hospice care. Her references to this book of what to expect were just what I needed to hear.

Kathy's sensitivity, practical compassion and obvious calling to work with the dying was a source of deep strength and comfort to us all as we had not walked this way before. God used this book in helping us to address questions as a family that we do not normally talk about and to provide us with an environment of love and care to share our hearts.

Her practical insights from more than 20 years of experience helped us move from the unknown to the known in how to prepare ourselves for the uncertain days ahead of us not only with Dad but four other deaths of parents within a period of two years.

Midwife for Souls has been a constant resource for me as a Minister in walking with families who face the loss of a loved one both for those who profess faith and for those who do not. The sensitivity, prayer and comfort that Kathy offers in this book will help you and be a source of God's care to you. God promises to walk with us through every situation and challenge that we face and He will be with you as well.
G. Stephen Goode

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