Once Upon A Silent Night

Vicki Howie
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Pauline Books & Media US

"Silent Night" is a classic Christmas carol beloved by all, but how did this simple and quiet song come to be? Once Upon a Silent Night is a beautifully illustrated book for children ages 4 to 8 (or anyone who enjoys a delightful Christmas story!) about the creation of this famous song. The church mice in a small Austrian town have tired of the noisy organ music, so they find a way to silence the Christmas celebrations. With no organ to conduct the traditional Christmas concert and inspired by the simplicity of Christ's beginnings, the parish priest and the choir director compose a song to fill the silent church on Christmas Eve. The townspeople and the mice celebrate Christmas with a new tune that reflects the humble birth of the Savior and inspires joy in the hearts of his people. Learn the origins of this beloved Christmas staple and celebrate the holiday with Once Upon a Silent Night!

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