Pope Francis Witness To Joy

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Pope Francis has spent his papacy emphasizing the mercy and joy in the Gospel. Starting with Pope Benedict XVI's announcement of his retirement, this touching look into Pope Francis' papacy chronicles the way that he both teaches and lives the Catholic faith.

Pope Francis: Witness to Joy takes us behind the scenes of his first year as pope. Travel with him as he goes to Rio de Janiero for World Youth Day and to a penitentiary for Holy Thursday. His actions throughout his papacy exemplify his message of mercy and joy.

Using candid, heartwarming images and the Pope's own words, this documentary features visually rich footage and a glimpse into Pope Francis's life. Vital themes dear to the pope clearly emerge as he capture's the world's attention with touching, unexpected gestures and open concern for those at the periphery of human existence.

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  • Includes subtitles in English, Spanish, and Portuguese
  • Offers a look into the first year of Pope Francis' pontificate
  • Run time: approximately 40 minutes

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