Practice of the Presence of God

Lawrence Bro
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In conversations and letters, Brother Lawrence shares the simple and straightforward devotion that has inspired millions. Beginning with pure faith in God, Brother Lawrence teaches that we should always draw near to God, and that God should so occupy us that we leave aside all other thoughts. Brother Lawrence's advice is practical, focused, single-minded, and wise. The book consists of four conversations with, and fifteen letters written by, Nicholas Herman of Lorraine, a lowly and unlearned man who, after having been a footman and soldier, was admitted a lay brother among the barefoot Carmelites at Paris in 1666 and was afterward known as "Brother Lawrence." His conversion, which took place when he was about eighteen years old, was the result, under God, of the mere sight in midwinter of a dry and leafless tree, and of the reflections it stirred respecting the change the coming spring would bring. From that time, he grew eminently in the knowledge and love of God, endeavoring constantly to walk "as in his presence."
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Brother Lawrence was a French discalced Carmelite best known for his moving spiritual classic "The Practice of the Presence of God." As a lay brother with little formal education, he was a never ordained a priest and lived his vocation primarily in the kitchen of the priory, yet his profound interior life attracted many people to visit him for spiritual direction and guidance. He died in 1691.
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