The Book That Changed Everything

Allison Regina Gliot
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Pauline Books & Media US
A captivating introduction to the Bible as the living Word of God for children ages 3-7!
Sofia has a problem. She has every book she could ever want. But something is still missing. It will take a very special Book to set things right—one that will change Sofia’s life forever.
Follow Sofia as her love for reading and desire for a friend lead her to a life-changing encounter with Jesus through the words of Sacred Scripture. The Book That Changed Everything introduces children to the concept of Scripture as the living Word of God through a heartwarming story and bold illustrations that engage the imagination and inspire awe and confidence in God’s love. Through Sofia’s eyes, children discover why the Bible is a special book; how they can encounter Jesus in Scripture and in the Church; and that they, too, have a special place in God’s story.
9.75 x 11.00

Sister Allison Regina Gliot, FSP, has never lived in a library, although she has often wanted to. She loves writing stories for children and teens, spending time with the sisters in her community (the Daughters of Saint Paul), and being with her best friend, Jesus.

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