The Kid's Book of Prayers About All Sorts of Things

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The Kid's Book of Prayers about All Sorts of Things 

Making a habit of prayer is a lifelong pursuit, and it's best to start early. The Kid's Book of Prayers about All Sorts of Things shows that prayer is for everyone, at any time, in any situation (not just adults!). Given that our friendship with God is the most important relationship we have in our lives, there is nothing that we cannot bring to God in prayer." 

The Kid's Book of Prayers about All Sorts of Things, revised edition, makes it easier for children to talk to God by providing specific examples of prayers for all sorts of situations. A bestseller since its release, The Kid's Book of Prayers is a journal as well as a prayer book, giving children space to express their own thoughts, feelings, and prayers through writing or drawing. In this new edition from Elizabeth and David Heller, PhD., prayers for a safe journey or after a tough day at school sit alongside prayers for homeless persons and single parents, inspiring children to live out St. Paul's invitation to "pray always." 

Practically, the book provides resources for many different situations, but it is a book about prayer as much as it is a collection ofprayers. It shows that formal and informal prayers are equally important ways of building a friendship with God. By encouraging the habit of spontaneous prayer, The Kid's Book of Prayers about All Sorts of Things plants and nourishes the seeds of a rich interior life, reminding children that God is always ready to listen, no matter the circumstances. 

Over 50,000 copies of the first edition sold! 
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David Heller, Ph.D. is a leading authority on children and their views of religion and the world. He has authored numerous books on the subject. His work with children has been featured on "20/20" and CNBC, and in articles in People, Parents, Good Housekeeping, Catholic Digest, Redbook, USA Today, Psychology Today, and Parenting.

Elizabeth Heller, M.S. has assisted on the previously mentioned books and has co-authored The Best Christmas Presents are Wrapped in Heaven and Grandparents Are Made for Hugging. Her work with children included a children's news program for cable TV and a radio show for children on WPZ in Boston.

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