Therese Of Lisieux (Saints By Our Side)

Wallace Susan Helen
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". . . an exceptional and tender look into the life of a simple saint whose love for Jesus and souls has dramatically changed the world. With every turn of the page, Saint Thérèse will become more alive in your heart, inspiring you to strive for holiness." from the foreword by Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle


Therese of Lisieux lived on this earth but a short time; she was only twenty-four years old when she died. She never directly ministered to those who had abandoned all belief in God. She never worked in foreign missions to spread the faith. She simply joined the cloister of Carmel at the age of fifteen, lived as a prayerful Carmelite, and died of tuberculosis nine years later. Her life and simplicity, however, has inspired people of many nations and creeds, opening to them a pathway of hope and of union with God.

Therese's life testifies that holiness doesn't require harrowing deeds or huge sacrifices. One does not need to be a missionary, a person of great achievements, or a prominent theologian. Rather, the little "yesses" of everyday life, when done with a trusting heart eager to please the Lord, are a sure path toward holiness. Saint Therese's "little way" shows us how to go to God with love and confidence, no matter what our vocation.

In her daily surrender to all that Providence placed before her, Therese of Lisieux lived out the divine plan. Walk along with one of the most beloved saints in history and see how her "little way" will help you draw closer to God.


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Sister Susan Helen Wallace, FSP, (1940-2013) held a B.A. in Catechetics from Notre Dame College in Cleveland, Ohio; an M.A. in Catholic Doctrine from St. John's University, Queens, N.Y. and an M.S. in journalism from Boston University. She wrote several children's biographies, which are part of the Encounter the Saints series. She also wrote a number of books for adults, including Basic Catechism, which she co-authored with Sr. Mary Lea Hill, FSP.
"would be [an] excellent edition to a home, school, or parish library."
-Stuart Dunn, Stuart's Study blog

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