Christ In Our Midst Wisdom From Caryll Houselander (Classic Wisd

Hill Mary Lea (Ed)
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How do I find Christ in the people around me?

This compilation contains famous writings of twentieth century English mystic Caryll Houselander. A modern laywoman, Caryll was known for her chain smoking, affection for stiff drinks, and cutting remarks. Initially drawn into protesting and free thinking during her studies as an art student, she was disillusioned by the lack of charity among Christians.

But beneath this exterior and idealistic outlook, a deeply mystic soul was at work, seeking to find the face of Christ in the midst of her daily life. And that she did - not only in the members of the Church, but also in passengers on the subway and in the passersby on the crowded streets of London. Through her writings, Caryll shows us that we are all part of the great mystery of Christ's Mystical Body. She reveals how, through eyes of faith, we too can see Christ in ourselves and everyone we encounter in our midst.

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Caryll Houselander (1901-1954) was a British Roman Catholic laywoman: mystic, artist, wood carver, poet, and author of numerous books and articles in which she labored to reveal the presence of Christ in every person-Christ at work in the everyday. In her autobiography, A Rocking-Horse Catholic, she described herself as a joyful neurotic.

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