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John Paul Ii
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John Paul II-The Story of My Life: Collected Memories

"I find myself before you without notes. I must find the notes within me, because everything that I want and must tell you is written in my heart." -John Paul II

This book collects the memories of John Paul II and brings you into an intimate "talk" with this beloved pope. These stories have been gathered together into this beautiful volume from John Paul's writings and conversations with friends, loved ones, and companions. In John Paul II-The Story of My Life, you are invited to listen to the story of one of the Church's most-loved spiritual fathers, told through his own words.

From the foreword by Rocco Palmo:

"You are about to [read] one of the great stories of our time as it has never before been told. It's the chronicle of a man who, born of humble roots, grew through adversity; a man who had an indelible impact on millions and changed the course of history. Yet five years after Pope John Paul II returned to the Father's house, what remains most remarkable about his life isn't its result, but the pilgrimage that formed, strengthened, and saw him called forth to be his era's leading witness to the world.

"Beyond the autobiographical reflections contained in these pages, the testimonies of others reinforce that, in an age that craves authenticity and is perhaps not as hostile to religion itself as lacking evidence of genuine faith, the 264th Successor of Peter was the real deal. What he preached before crowds as large as 5 million, he practiced in the 'bubble' of his Vatican apartment."

6.00 x 9.50

"[...] As a poet and philosopher, a priest and bishop, the Holy Father never tired of sharing himself. John Paul II-The Story of My Life: Collected Memories, [...] collects his thoughts on key moments and events of his lifetime. I highly recommend this book to anyone eager to know more about this beloved pontiff, who continues to inspire and influence us through his exemplary life and death."
Timothy M. Dolan, Archbishop of New York

"As the late Pope John Paul II's life shaped the Church and the world, these passages will help shape the reader's life."
Francis Cardinal George, OMI, Archbishop of Chicago

"To read John Paul II-The Story of My Life: Collected Memories is to relive intensely the remarkable and unforgettable life of a man who set the Church on a new path and marked deeply all those who had the inestimable privilege of encountering him."
Fr. Thomas Rosica, C.S.B., C.E.O., Salt and Light Catholic Media Foundation, Consultor, Pontifical Council for Social Communications, Former National Director and C.E.O., World Youth Day 2002

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