St Teresa of Avila - God's Troublemaker

Yoon Song-I
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Pauline Books & Media US

St. Teresa of Ávila's amazing life is vibrantly depicted in this full-color, illustrated biography for children ages 9 - 12.

The Shoujo-Manga style graphic novel opens with a young Teresa running away from her home in Spain to convert the Moors and be a martyr for God. As she gets older, Teresa continues to be a troublemaker for her family, this time placing social life and status before her relationship with God. Her father and older sister send her to study with the Carmelite nuns in the hope that she will learn obedience and discipline. When Teresa comes home from the convent, they realize that they have received more than they had bargained for: Teresa had heard Jesus' call to follow him. She was ready to leave home so that she could do his work as a Carmelite sister.

Teresa causes trouble now in Spain, but in the name of Jesus' mission. She creates a reformed Carmelite Order that spreads all over the country. Young readers will be captivated by St. Teresa's conversion to the heart of Jesus and her bravery in the face of great adversity.

6.00 x 8.00
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