Contraception & Catholicism What the Church Teaches & Why

Franks Angela
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Despite the Catholic Church's clear opposition to contraception, many individuals, including Catholics, consider the Church's stance misogynistic and outdated. Maybe you, or someone you know, feel the same way. In perspective of the prevailing ideologies of today's mainstream society-a morality dictated by feeling, the assumed inevitability of extramarital sexual activity as necessary for human fulfillment, and the unconsidered idea that contraception is a magic cure for unwanted pregnancy and disease-the Church's teaching on contraception may surely seem like a hard pill to swallow.

But really, it is not. Author Angela Franks, PhD, an experienced pro-life speaker and educator, discovered this truth herself. After questioning the Church's stance as a young Catholic, she realized that the Church was not forcing an old-fashioned view on our intimate relationships. Rather, the Church was aligning to the reality already present in our biology.

In this book, Dr. Franks presents you with a comprehensive look at the Church's view on the meaning and purpose of sex as love and life, unity and procreation. She equips you with the information that you need to understand, adopt, and/or teach the Church's position on contraception.

Dr. Franks' rich commentary includes:

  • References to relevant Church documents and Supreme Court cases
  • A look at the history of fertility control methods
  • Sociological data
  • Vignettes of real life couples
  • A brief summary of natural family planning (NFP) and NaPRO Technology
  • Suggestions for how to live chastely
  • Allusions to John Paul II's Theology of the Body

    By addressing both what people think the Church says and what the Church actually says about contraception, Dr. Franks clears up common confusions and objections. She then explores the following questions: "Is it truly possible to live in accordance with Catholic sexual teaching? What does that life look like? What is the world offering instead, and is it really such a great deal? How can a person who has been contracepting learn to live differently? and, How can this most difficult teaching be explained to others who cannot comprehend it?"

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    Author, speaker, professor, and television host, Angela Franks, PhD describes herself as a theologian mom. With her husband, fellow theologian J. David Franks, she works to build a culture of life and lovestarting within their own home. They raise their family, 6 kids and counting, in Boston where Angela is the Director of Theology Programs for the Theological Institute for the New Evangelization (TINE) at Saint John's Seminary.

    Through her CatholicTV programs "Christian Witness" and "The Future Depends on Love"-and previous writings-Margaret Sanger's Eugenic Legacy: The Control of Female Fertility (McFarland, 2005) and a chapter on contraception in Women, Sex, and the Church: A Case for Catholic Teaching (Pauline Books & Media, 2010)-Dr. Franks evangelizes the gift of life and faith, not fear.

    "If you ever have thought that the Church's attitude toward birth control methods was dumb, dated, or not dealing with reality, I dare you to read this book! It is brain food for a renewed sex life. In Contraception and Catholicism: What the Church Teaches and Why, Angela Franks, PhD offers reasoned explanations for why the Church is not a killjoy when it comes to sexual love. Plus, this book offers compelling evidence for why contraception is rooted in fear, which slowly destroys loving relationships between men and women by demonizing human fertility and the female body in particular. Highly recommended."
    Pat Gohn, author, Blessed Beautiful and Bodacious: Celebrating the Gift of Catholic Womanhood (Ave Maria Press, 2013)

    "Dr. Franks' explanation of the Church's teaching on contraception is revolutionary. She appeals to nature, reality, and common sense-all of which make her argument incredibly persuasive and fun to read. This book is a must read for all young men and women who truly desire to know the meaning and purpose of sex."
    Katie Elrod, contributor to Women, Sex, and the Church: A Case for Catholic Teaching (Pauline Books & Media, 2010)

    "In 1968, Pope Paul VI was a prophet among us. He tried to prevent heartache and social breakdown. We didn't listen. Angela Franks helps us pick up the pieces, to begin again, where we are. Contraception and Catholicism: What the Church Teaches and Why is an essential primer in our ongoing, much needed, post-sexual revolution renewal."
    Kathryn Jean Lopez, editor-at-large, National Review Online; syndicated columnist; director, Catholic Voices USA

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